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World Hoop Day 2013 compilation video

Check out the video of WHD videos (Oct. 5, 2013), edited by WHD choreographer Kristen "Tink" McQuillan. From single performers to large groups with some pretty scenic backdrops (including our own, on the grounds of the Museum of Civilization/ History with the Parliament buildings and the Ottawa River in the background), it's a fun celebration of hooping around the globe. You'll see a quick shot of the Ottawa/ Gatineau hoopers doing the 'drunken hooping' section of the dance partway through.

Some stats from the article on "255 hoop dancers from 11 countries spun up 28 World Hoop Day performances, all brought together with choreography by Kristin “Tink” McQuillin of Spin Matsuri, and then merged by her into another exciting video of hoop dance unity from around the globe!" 


World Hoop Day 2013 - Sat. Oct. 5!

Join us at the Museum of Civilization Sat. Oct. 5, 3:30-5pm for a World Hoop Day jam! We'll be on the grass on the river side hooping it up. 

Jenny Anderson posted on the Ottawa Gatineau Hoopers Facebook page: Hey folks! so for a $5 donation to World Hoop Day, you'll be entered into a draw for a full size, rainbow taped hoop! I have a 42" rainbow hoop ready to donate, so if you collect $5 or more for WHD, bring their name for the draw. Bring $5 to donate to WHDay, a registered charity that supplies hoops and materials for Hoop Ambassadors to bring hooping to children in war torn areas in orphanages and refugee camps. Hoops for happiness!


World Hoop Day - video from Parliament Hill 

Here's the video of our WHD dance at Parliament Hill, with over 15 hoopers from Ottawa, Gatineau, Aylmer, Orleans and Rockland participating. As it turns out, the takes we did with the GoPro camera didn't work out (too dark, but there's no viewfinder to see that on a GoPro), so the only clip I had was the "let's do one more with my camera, just in case". Good thing! :-)

I'll work on a compilation of the footage from our Dovercourt Jam and the night time footage over the holidays, but for now, enjoy the smiling faces and twinkling LED lights with the iconic back drop of the Peace Tower and the Centennial Flame. 


WHD on Parliament Hill: Crisp, glittery fun!

Anna braves the night time cold for World Hoop Day

Bryana glows with her hoop

The famed Christmas lights of Parliament Hill were curiously dark last night (Wed. Dec. 12), but about 15 hardy Ottawa Gatineau hoopers lit up the -6º C night anyway, warmed by the Centennial Flame, the crowds of visitors and our own whirling activity.

Some of our numbers braved the elements in short sleeves and hemlines, while others stuck to form-fitting layers. LED hoops transformed the night into a magical sight. After a little bit of free hooping to warm up, we rallied to perform the 2012 World Hoop Day dance several times to capture it on video. Most spectators had never heard of hooping much less World Hoop Day, but seemed enthralled by the twinkling LED hoops spinning in the darkness.

On past World Hoop Days we have hooped at the War Museum, The Aviation Museum, The National Gallery in front of the giant spider – all very impressive Ottawa locations. The Peace Tower was an equally beautiful backdrop for our hooping, so we will have to plan future jams there. 

Thank you to everyone who came out, from Ottawa, Aylmer, Gatineau, Orleans and Rockland. The energy, smiles & laughter were infectious. Stay tuned for the video. 

Below are some awesome shots taken by Deb Ransom, a photographer from the Office of the Prime Minister. Deb wandered by and started shooting, not realizing she had stumbled into 'World Hoop Day'. She gamely braved the cold and captured some wonderful LED-against-Peace-Tower shots, including this first one, which was chosen the "Photograph of the Day" for Prime Minister Stephen Harper's official website. Way to go, Deb!

Robyn, Bryana and Trish disappear inside the light trails of their LED hoops. Photo by Deb RansomPhoto by Deb Ransom

Photo by Deb Ransom

Photo by Deb Ransom

Robyn works the minis. Photo by Deb Ransom


World Hoop Day event, Wed. Dec. 12, 7pm at Parliament Hill

It's here: The world wide celebration of hooping!

Ottawa Gatineau hoopers will be meeting at the Centennial flame at 7pm, and bringing our swirling energy to the Hill. We'll also rehearse & perform the 2012 World Hoop Day Dance, and get some wintery video footage to submit to the compilation video. Bring your hoops (LED if you've got them), and dress in layers. How long we'll stay will be weather-dependent, and we may go for refreshments after. 

At last Friday's jam, we had an enthusiastic group of hoopers doing the WHD dance, and we got some video footage. It will be fun to contrast that footage to our outdoor wintery experience on Wednesday.

Next year (and from then on) World Hoop Day will be celebrated on the first Saturday of October, so this should be the last time we have to partake in a parka.