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Spiral's Ottawa workshop July 15, 2012

A packed house of hoopers from Ottawa, Gatineau, Aylmer, Barry's Bay and Montreal gathered at Dovercourt Recreation Centre on Sunday July 15, 2012 to take part in a hoopdance workshop by Vivian 'Spiral' Hancock, one of the pioneers of the modern hoopdance scene, a sought after presenter and performer, and a figure who has been a huge inspiration to many of us on our hoop journeys.

In the workshop, we played with limitations and conditions to inform our hoop movements before moving on to 3D hoop elements including axis isolations, axis spins, palm spins, finger spins, chest rolls, the chicken-gripped 'slice' and variations of these moves for twin hoops. At the end of the three hours, Spiral amazed us with a demo, displaying her grace, precision, intensity and joy with both single & double hoop.

Summer time presents a challenge for organizing a workshop since so many people are away, so a huge thanks to everyone who came out and made the workshop a success. Special thanks to those who drove from waaay out of town (Barry's Bay, Montreal) on a Sunday night. Spiral returned to San Francisco after her whirlwind Canadian appearances in Toronto and Ottawa, and is leaving soon for Europe where she will be featured at Hoopurbia in Berlin, the European Juggling Convention, and fire gatherings in Poland and Italy. We are grateful that she was able to visit Ottawa and treat us to such an inspiring workshop.

See the Flash slideshow below (if viewing from an iPhone or iPad, click to see the images on the Sirenhoops Picasa Gallery)


Spiral's Ottawa workshop, Sun. July 15, 6-9pm!

Ottawa & area hoopers, get ready to welcome the amazing Spiral for a return visit to our fair city! She will be presenting a hoop workshop at Dovercourt Recreation Centre on Sunday July 15, 6-9pm, "Limitation & Possibility - Techniques and Tricks to Expand Your Hoop Vocabulary". Course code 79598, $60. Register online at, by phone 613-798-8950 ext. 0, or in person at Dovercourt. 

Here's what Spiral says:

Teaching at Spin Summit 2011 (Sophie in foreground!)In this workshop we'll explore techniques to enhance movement creativity by using boundaries & constraints. When we're presented with limits in a situation it forces us to think differently, to react in different ways. This can be challenging but, ultimately, it brings new ideas and awarenesses to the fore. Without limits, the infinite possibilities can be overwhelming & one can get 'stuck' because of unlimited options. With each exercise, I'll share examples and moves, so that you'll be encouraged to come up with your own movement ideas, but come away with some solid new material as well. Movements & Ideas covered include: Momentum Play, Limitation as an inroad to Technique, Single Leg Hooping, Isolation Variations, Veil Form/Tracing, Palm Spins & other 3D Flourishes, Chest Roll Variations & Combinations. For more info on Spiral see: 


If you want to fill your weekend with more of Spiral's hoop magic, head to Toronto first: she'll be performing at the Drop Festival 2012 in Toronto (Friday July 13) and presenting a workshop at U of T on Sat. July 14, 2-5pm, "An Afternoon of Dynamic Hoop Dance". Then high-tail it back to Ottawa for her Sunday workshop for a Spiral tri fecta!

Check out Spiral's latest demo video, Semiotic Movement for a taste of her power and flow. Can't wait for her visit! :-)


Spiral's sustained spinning demo - Oct. 2010

I finally got around to editing the clip of Spiral demonstrating sustained spinning at the October workshops for Hoop Technique, when Spiral & Rich visited Ottawa. Her speed, power, precision and grace are inspirational.