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Shakti's workshop - photos

Shakti Sunfire gave an inspiring workshop on Hoop Dance Exploration on June 28 at Dovercourt Recreation Centre. She began by telling us about her recent experiences at the Wanderlust Festival in Vermont, how the very rainy weather had caused ongoing upheaval of carefully prepared performances, but by embracing the change and uncertainty, new and more glorious visions materialized. Little did we know that minutes later we too would be challenged by the elements! Not long after we began introductions around the circle there was a gigantic crack of thunder. The lights flickered, the speakers crackled…and the power went out. A quick call to my husband brought us a wealth of candles & a battery powered speaker system. While the storm thundered on outside, we danced with & without our hoops in a candlelit sanctuary, exploring lines, poses, expression, free movement, spaciousness, grip techniques and choreography. In the end, the power was not out for long, but the storm did add a specialness to the evening and underlined one of Shakti's messages.

Click on the slideshow below to view the photos in Picasa Galleries. Thanks to Tiana Kluchert for stopping by to do photo duties.  



Shakti featured in August's Yoga Journal

Our upcoming workshop presenter, Shakti Sunfire, will be featured in the August issue of Yoga Journal, as they look at the 'latest trend sweeping the yoga community' -- HOOPING. There is a video sneak-peak at Yoga Journal's online magazine here >> (or click on the image below to go to Yoga Journal). Shakti's workshop sold out in approximately 24 hours, and we're really looking forward to seeing her on June 28th.


Yoga Journal's preview of their August issue