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Winter Poi Spinning Classes with Sophie

Looking for a regular poi class? Poi is a great compliment to hooping and other flow arts. Following her outdoor session this year at Strathcona Park, Sophie Latreille is offering an all-levels Winter session at McNabb Recreation Centre, 180 Percy St, Mondays 6-7pm from Jan. 9 to Mar. 5, $120. Contact Sophie at to register, 819-328-9209. For more info see


Hoop Jam Fri. June 3, 6:30-8pm at Dovercourt

Come on out and hoop with us inside in climate controlled, bug-free comfort. We'll have tunes & hoops. 

Speaking of jams, Sophie Latreille will be hosting outdoor hoop jams every Thursday 7-8:30pm from now till the end of summer at Strathcona Park on Range Road. Jams are weather dependent and will be cancelled if it's rainy (see the Mini Cirque Facebook page for updates on Thursday evenings). Check out her pre-jam, all-level Poi classes Thursdays, 6-7pm. Read more here, or contact Sophie at to register. 


Amazing Poi workshops with Nick Woolsey

Nick of Playpoi was in Ottawa Dec. 11 & 12 at Dovercourt Recreation Centre to teach two 2-day workshops, "Mastering the Basics" and "Beyond the Basics". Participants were dazzled by Nick's creative approach to teaching complex poi moves, focussing on concepts and body movement, including "poi-truvian" :-P

A spin jam on Saturday night allowed more opportunity to practice and share as well as see some of Nick's jaw-dropping spinning with his fiery orange flow lights.

"Mastering the Basics" Group Scream

"Beyond the Basics" Group Shot


Upcoming Workshops

Twin Hoops

Sat. Dec. 4, 1:30-3:30pm at Dovercourt Recreation Centre

Ready for the challenge of more than one hoop? Hooping with two will build your coordination, dexterity and brain cells at twice the rate! In this workshop, you will start with the basics of hand hooping with two hoops and explore planes, timing, direction changes and dazzling moves like weaves, flowers & corkscrews. These moves, influenced by poi spinning, look beautiful with hoops and develop new creative & technical skills. Twin hooping will appeal to those looking to expand their flow repertoire as well as poi spinners crossing over into the hoop world.

All levels are welcome, but you must have experience with hand hooping in horizontal & vertical planes. Hoops will be provided, or you can pre-order a set of 34" twins ($40) from the instructor.

With Trish Stolte. $30, #70317. Register online, in person or by phone 613-798-8950.

Poi workshops by Nick Woolsey of Playpoi

Many of the twin moves in hooping are influenced by spinning Poi, another of the flow arts. We are fortunate to be hosting a set of poi workshops Mastering the Basics (5-7pm) and Beyond the Basics (2-4pm) by Poi Master Nick Woolsey ( on Dec. 11 & 12 at Dovercourt Recreation Centre. An optional Spin Jam on Saturday night 8:30-10:30pm is also available for an additional $10.

Mastering the Basics: This 2-Day Workshop is for those still learning the basics of poi, but not for complete beginners. You must already know the forwards 3-beat weave. Feel free to make a pair of poi and follow our beginner series to get started now ( Once you can do the 3-beat weave feel free to register! Here's what we'll learn: - Plane control - Separating right from left - The basic modes of movement and how to understand them with both your body and poi - Rhythm and timing - How to find your flow - And of course lots of moves!

Beyond the Basics: This 2-Day Workshop is for those flowing with the basics and beginning to explore advanced spinning. We'll work on a variety of concepts including: - Poi-fu! - Plane control - Flowers - Hyperloops - Footwork and spotting - Rhythm and timing - Pendulums and hybrids Are you ready for Beyond the Basics? Please watch our definition of the basics (on to make sure you are ready for this class. You'll have a lot more fun if you come to the class that's the right level for you.

Space is limited, register early. Registration is through Dovercourt Recreation Centre: online, by phone (613-798-8950 ext 0) or in person (411 Dovercourt Recreation Centre, Ottawa).