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Race weekend Sunday 'cheer-hooping' fun

Ottawa Race Weekend cheer-hoopingRobyn, Trish, Bryana, Rebecca cheer-hooped the marathon and half-marathon runners

This weekend was Race weekend in Ottawa. On behalf of the WBIA (Westboro Business Improvement Area) I assembled a small but mighty team of hoopers to cheerlead (with hoops) for the marathon and half marathon on Sunday morning, May 27. We were stationed at the corner of Island Park & Richmond Road, so that we could cheer the marathon runners heading a few blocks further west to Athlone Ave, and the half marathon runners, who would turn down Island Park heading to Scott Street.

The elite marathoners flew through not long after 7am, followed by a steady stream until about 8:45. Overcast skies made for ideal running and hooping weather. Shortly after 9:15, the half marathon runners appeared, and their numbers were huge. The clouds lifted and the temperatures rose, making it warmer for runners (and hoopers) but lovely for the growing crowds of spectators at our area. Families with strollers, cyclists and others packed the roadsides, cheering, high-fiving runners and clanging their cowbells. It was inspiring to see all ages of runners working so hard, and gratifying to see them smile, cheer or thank us for our hooping! :-) Our little corner became a bit of a hoop hub, with children and adults giving it a try with our extra hoops.

We felt like we'd run our own marathon, hooping hard for almost 4 hours. I still had to return to Dovercourt to teach my two Sunday morning classes, and was pretty depleted by the time they were done. 

Thank you to Natalie Hanson of the WBIA for asking us, and giant thanks to Robyn Brehaut, Bryana Katz and Rebecca Lantz for their enthusiasm, energy and hoop skills.