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Babz is back! Sep 16 & 17, 2017

By popular demand international award winning hooper and teacher Babz Robinson returns to Ottawa with two days of jam packed awesome! Whoop Whoop!! 

You will come out of these workshops inspired with fresh flow, new moves, and combo building techniques. Babz will also teach you my secrets for creating your own moves and breaking up those repetitive patterns you can't seem to break free from. Come unlock your inner bad ass!

Not only that but it's time to up your elbow game Ottawa! Hate elbows? Well you will fall in love (just in case you haven't already). These workshops are designed to challenge the veteran while still being accessible to newer hoopers. Bring your water bottle and some attitude: this is going to get sweaty :)

Space is limited so don't wait to sign up. Single days are also available! 

Tickets available at WWW.BABZ.CA
Full weekend $100.00 
Saturday or Sunday $60.00

Saturday Sep. 16, 5:00pm - 9:00pm 
Sunday Sep. 17,  1:00pm - 5:00pm


Dovercourt Recreation Centre, 411 Dovercourt Ave. Ottawa

Upstairs, Assembly Hall/ OPTSC room. 

Free parking. The #16 bus stops right outside the Centre.


Hooping & Paddling

We had SO much fun hoop-paddleboarding at Mooney's Bay on Labour Day. It was a gorgeous hot day, the beach was crowded (despite the absence of lifeguards) and the wind was strong. Our group had some experienced hoopers as well as hoop newbies. We paddled up the bay against the breeze, and then floated with the wind and current towards the other end, while keeping our hoops going. It's a very enlightening experience, having one's feet anchored to the board when we are used to turning and moving to maintain the hoop. A sudden hoop drop meant a scramble trying to paddle back to where it lay floating (phew, they float!).  I'm sure it was all quite entertaining to those on shore. After our session with Harmony of Urban Ocean SUP, we kept hooping on the land, where we were joined by some other landlubbing hoopers. Hoops, flow wands, slackline…a great way to spend a lovely sun-soaked afternoon.


Guys can so hoop!

This is so fun: I came across it today via a Facebook friend. I hope it goes viral and that there is an resulting explosion of guys taking up hooping! Hooping really is for everyone. Make hoop, not war. Etcetera. :-)


Toronto Hoop Flash Mob - so much fun!

Check out this great video of a Hoop Flash Mob in downtown Toronto for Swiss Natural Vitamins' Breakfast for Learning campaign (see Familiar faces in the Toronto hoop scene include Sadie Yancy and Mo Bot. 



Hooping for BRACHIC at Westfest

The weather gods were with us on Saturday as we hooped on Richmond Road in front of BRACHIC, the bra-fitting boutique: the temperatures were fine and the rain held off, though the winds were gusty. Brigitte & I hooped steadily between 1-4pm, and were joined by hoop friends Rebecca, Kris, Julie & Fraoch, as well as passers-by of all ages. After the BRACHIC parade, many of the bra-wearing ladies gave our hoops a whirl in their lacy finery. 

Brigitte shows a little cutie how to hoop

The bra-wearing parade returns Everyone grabs a hoop

Bras make great hooping attire: hoops stick better to bare skin!A Martial Arts studio mascot gives it a whirl