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Fun in our PJs

We had a great turn out for our Jammie jam last night -- especially when the ladies from Aylmer showed up! We had some new hoopers turn up, who enjoyed themselves and did not seem put off by our flannel PJs and slippers. Though a few regulars were absent due to illness, many came out to groove & flow including some poi spinners. I had hoped to take more photos of the pajama-clad hoopers but I was too busy chatting and hooping! Jammie-Jam was a fun theme that we will have to repeat in the future.

After the jam, we held a screening of the Hoop Technique "Inspiration" DVD. There was some dazzling footage of Shakti, Poki, Malcolm, Brecken, Rich & Spiral, shot & edited with style and accompanied by evocative music. Each of the artists discussed the path that led them to the hoop, their approach to hooping and the significance of the hoop & 'flow' in their lives. Cheers to Rich Porter & Spiral for a beautiful gift to the hoop community.

It really wasn't this bright -- it was my flash illuminating the room. We watched it projected on a large screen via the little TV you see in the photo (not ON the tiny TV!).Shakti's silhouette superimposed over her hooping in a stone labyrinth.


Rich's demo - Hoop Technique Workshop, Oct. 2010

Here's one of Rich's demos from the 2 day Hoop Technique Workshop in October at Dovercourt Recreation Centre.

Space, Energy, Time & Flow? Oh yeah  :-D



Spiral's sustained spinning demo - Oct. 2010

I finally got around to editing the clip of Spiral demonstrating sustained spinning at the October workshops for Hoop Technique, when Spiral & Rich visited Ottawa. Her speed, power, precision and grace are inspirational.



Hoop Technique in pictures

Rich Porter & Spiral visited Ottawa on Oct. 7 & 8 to deliver workshops about Time & Flow, part of their upcoming DVD "Hoop Technique". Held at Dovercourt Recreation Centre, the two-evening workshop was a sell out, attended by avid Ottawa hoopers. Isopops, micro-accelerations, extensions, linear isolations and sustained spinning were some of the techniques discussed and demonstrated. These two superstars of the hooping world impressed with their knowledge, skill, coaching and warmth. They gave workshops in Montreal & Toronto before returning home to San Francisco.

Spiral leads a warmup; Rich explains Time & Flow

The group poses with Spiral & Rich.


Hoop Technique is here -- and sold out!

Spiral & Rich, fresh off Hoop Camp in California, made the long journey to Ottawa and are about to unleash Hoop Technique on us! Last 2 spots are gone; we'll have a full house.