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Hoop Jam Fri. May 20, 6:30-8pm at Dovercourt

If the rain ever stops, the season of outdoor hoop jams may be upon us, but in the meantime, let's gather inside in the Assembly Hall to get our collective hoops on. You might be able to spot those of us who have just returned from Hoop Convergence by the spring in our step, the (hoop) trick up our sleeve, or the feathers in our hair. ;-)

An observation from last weekend in North Carolina: the 'superstars' of the hoop world are serious about their jamming. They hoop like NOBODY is watching and like EVERYONE is watching (as Caroleeena advised in her workshop) so let's take a cue from them and throw it down!

We'll have some groovy tunes (progressive / electro house to be exact) courtesy of DJ FM, who provided the music at last Thursday night's lakeside jam at Hoop Con (he was kind enough to hand out CDs). All are welcome. 


Hoop Convergence 2011 - Recap & photos

My good intentions to live-blog from Hoop Convergence were foiled by limited WIFI at the Retreat Centre, and -- let's be honest -- too much great stuff going on, including workshops, forums, jams to live music, performance showcase, the Renegade Show, shopping for cool hoop clothes, fabulous meals & more! 

For a concise and witty daily account of Hoop Con, head over to and read Lara Eastburn's write-ups. Lara is a regular contributor to and a well known hoop maker, through her company Superhooper. 

Kudos to our hosts Julia & Scott: it was an outstanding Hoop Convergence! They have all been special (this is my third), but I think this may have been the most fun, or at least the funniest. The longer workshop times were appreciated, though it did mean for the first time that we wouldn't attend every workshop, but instead had to make a choice (more on the workshops in another post). Forums were held in the afternoons; some were active, some were discussions-based. There were opportunities to try new props including trapeze, lyra and silks.

The food produced by Nicole and her team in the retreat centre kitchen was healthy and delicious (Kale salad with Japanese peanut dressing will become a new staple in my household!). There was more vending this year than ever before, with clothes from Nomadz, Melodia, Om Body, Annie Land, Dervish to name a few. Coloured Polypro hoops were offered by Superhooper. Feather hair extensions were a major trend, with numerous ladies set up to adorn Convergers' locks with colourful feathers.

The music at the nightly jams was varied and terrific. The trip into town to the Carrboro Arts Center to see the Performance Showcase was a treat, and the show itself was outstanding, with more than 2 hours of solid entertainment. Such variety, such talent! It was breathtaking and inspiring. The after party at the FlowJo, Jewels' and Scott's latest project, was a wonderful way to christen the recently opened space. Impromptu performances with poi, hoops and silks gave way to dancing en masse to Michael Jackson and other rousing dance tunes. There were opportunities for fire spinning every night, in a circle lit by red LED lights.

The final night costume jam, to sounds of Diali Cissokho & Kairaba, gave way to the Renegade Show. It hurt to laugh so hard for so long. So many great moments: Caroleeena's poem about a randy female white grub, Nick diving (pant-less) through a fire hoop suspended on Poki's face, many of the men doffing their clothing, Kayti Bunny's tongue hooping, Anne, Angie & Bitty's sketch about the 'male energy' present at HC 2011 (which included great parody's of their performance styles), Gail & Emma's dazzling hoop skills and even more dazzling verbal riffs (All together now: "That was s__t, do it better!"), the hilarious rendition of "Poop Technique", narrated by that funny lady, Revolva, and lively heckling by the audience kept us in stitches until the wee hours of the morning.

Though the clouds, rain and thunderstorms were more present than we would have wished -- and meant that the traditional fire ceremony couldn't be held --  when the sun burst through on Sunday we all basked in the glow of those warm rays and the general hoop love.

Below is an embedded slideshow of some of the 400 photos I took over the 5 days. No night shots this year: my flash died, and I forgot an extra battery. If you click, it will take you to my Picasa gallery to view larger images, and allow you to leave comments.