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Hoop Jam at Dovercourt, Fri. June 17, 6:30-8pm - Outside!

Let's hoop outside at Dovercourt if it's nice out -- and the forecast is looking good for the end of this week! We'll have hoops, tunes and sunshine!

This will be the last regularly scheduled Dovercourt jam until the end of the summer. We're going to let the summer jams evolve as they will. If you are out there in Ottawa and want to hoop in the company of like-minded folk, you can either head on over to Hoop City, the Eastern Ontario Hoopers group and post it in the Hoop Jam discussion or the regular Comment Wall, or send me the info and I will post it here on Sirenhoops and in our Google calendar. Regular bi-weekly jams will resume in September.

Jenny can't make your hair blue, but she can add feathers!Special pre-jam fun: Yoga & Hoop Gal Jenny Anderson is ready to adorn your locks with beautiful feather extensions! We saw this trend at Hoop Convergence, and it's beautiful. It's a look that can be subtle or flashy, depending on your preference. Jenny will be taking feathering appointments by email for times before this Friday's jam at Dovercourt. If you can't make it this Friday, not to worry. Jenny's contact info is below.

From Jenny: "Feather extensions are micro-crimped at the hairline, so you can wash, blow dry, or flat iron your feathers with your hair, and they'll last 2-3 months or longer. They're strong and will last indefinitely, so you can reapply them with a new crimp when your hair grows. If you're interested, email me at to make a feathering app't after a class or at my place in Orleans. I have a flexible schedule, and feathering doesn't take longer than 20 minutes. Feather extensions are reasonably but individually priced, depending on your preferences. An average feather extension has 5 - 9 feathers in a bundle and is ~$15-20. I prefer to creatively customize to your personality and look. A feathering gathering (a gaggle? a murder? a pride?) will gain you a discount on your feathering too."