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Beth Lavinder Workshop at Dovercourt Recreation Centre, Sat. June 1, 2013

The amazing and inspiring Beth Lavinder is coming to Ottawa for a workshop on Sat. June 1, 2013, 5:30-8:30pm at Dovercourt Recreation Centre!

Beth was one of the first hoopers I found on youtube after I caught the hoop-bug, and her videos continue to influence me (and countless others), showcasing her graceful flow, exquisite body rolls, eclectic music choices, and long hair that becomes another partner in her dance with the hoop. A long time follower of the HoopPath, she brings years of hoop practice as well as experiences around the world to her workshops. 

Here is Beth's workshop description:

Speaking softly is one of the most intimate and effective ways to communicate. We can assert and express ourselves in a subtle, nuanced voice at the same time that we speak with a quiet and certain authority. Beth's workshop will focus on new ways to interact with the hoop that will explore movement both familiar and unfamiliar, on-body and off-body. We will push the edge of what is possible when we soften our engagement, release our grip, and focus on the nuances of our connection with our hoop, blurring the line between ourselves and our prop. As we explore the techniques of Tracing, 2-point Manipulation, Core work, Lifts & Drops, Rolling, and Tossing, we will alternate between guiding and influencing the hoop's current and allowing the hoop's current to guide us and shape us. When we participate fully in intricacies of this exchange of energy, our conversations and connection with our hoop have the potential to go into deeper and more meaningful territory.

Workshop details: 

Sat. June 1, 5:30-8:30pm at Dovercourt Recreation Centre 411 Dovercourt Ave, Ottawa, ON

$50. Register online (through Dovercourt's online registration), by phone (613-798-8950 ext. 0) or in person. 

What do I need in order to participate?

New hoopers often wonder if they will be experienced enough for a workshop, or wonder what size of hoop is best. For this workshop Beth says:

"I encourage people to bring the hoop they love and use the most, definitely something they can shoulder hoop with. And if they cannot shoulder hoop yet, I'll give them options on the waist and other parts of the core so that they can still participate and get a full experience. What I would ask is that folks who attend should be comfortable and confident on their waist. If they can shoulder hoop (even with a gigantic hoop) that is even better. If the hoop that they need for core work is exceptionally large, then bringing a smaller (i.e. 36" or so) hoop for weaves and vertical off body work is really great. I like to make sure that most of my material is accessible in some way to beginners, but also challenges folks who have more flight time. We will be going over a lot of fundamental hooping, but with some variations so that hopefully I will challenge everyone."

Beth started hooping on the Weaver Street Lawn in Carrboro, North Carolina nearly 10 years ago when she was first offered a hoop by the woman who would later become Spiral. Beth got to witness the evolution of the hoop movement both in Carrboro and across the country (and eventually, the world) by traveling as much as she could with her hoop, attending hoop gatherings in California, Japan, England, Colorado, Oregon, Tennessee, Florida and Maine. She has been a student with Jonathan Baxter of the HoopPath since he began classes in Carrboro 7 1/2 years ago.

Beth has a not-so-secret fetish with fabric and loves creating one of a kind garments that complement hoopdance including swirling circle skirts and flowing pants in beautiful fabrics. Beth will be bringing some of her designs to sell, and will hold an informal clothing deconstruction/ fabric love-in session during her visit to Ottawa (stay tuned for details).

Some examples of Beth's hoop dance: