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Ann Humphreys workshops Oct. 7 & 8, 2011

Ann Humphreys came to Ottawa on Oct 7 & 8, 2011 to share HoopPath Fundamentals and Off-body techniques with Ottawa area hoopers. Day one focused on core hooping techniques, with an emphasis on our axis, turning patterns and smoothing out weight transfer and motions, and applying arms and hand techniques, from flying, sweeping, contacting, paddling and breaking (with both lead & following hands), at the waist and chest. We explored outer space and inner space in both currents. We also looked at layering each concept on top of our root movement and extending it to leg hooping, lift offs, drop ins etc. Day two expanded the repertoire to off body techniques including swings and tracing, paying attention to hands that grip, fly, contact and slide, in our weaves and isolations. The hoop was our guide as we opened ourselves up to its contact, rhythm and lessons. We ended our class with a free hoop outside, basking in glorious sunshine.

We've been waiting for Ann since last April, and we were able to welcome her with summery temperatures and a great turnout of local hoopers. Thank you to all who participated, and we look forward to Ann's next visit. 

 Friday workshop, partial group shot.

Check out the slideshow:  


Hoop Jam Fri. Apr. 8, 6:30-8pm at Dovercourt

We'll be hoop jamming in some daylight, as our days lengthen and Spring teases us with glorious sunshine (ok, what was with that little mid-day snow flurry today??).

Our special weekend guest, Ann Humphreys (HoopPath), is planning to attend our jam if she arrives in time from NYC. We'll have hoops & tunes. And there is still space in Ann's Master Class on Sunday, 2-5pm at Dovercourt. It's looking to be a hoopy weekend for sure!


More info & videos from Ann Humphreys

Ann sent a few more details about her upcoming HoopPath Workshops (Sat. Apr. 9 & Sun. Apr. 10 at Dovercourt Recreation Centre) as well as 3 recent clips. Two are practice videos following her return from Bali at the Sacred Circularities retreat, and the other is a profile about her classes in NYC. Check it out on the Workshop page, as well as details for registration. Spots are going fast. Let's show Ann how keen our Ottawa Hoop community is by selling this event out!