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Ninja Hoops Yin & Yang workshops! Sat. July 5, Sun. July 6

Ninja Hoops are coming!

Join Ninja Hoops as they make their way to Dovercourt Recreation Centre in Ottawa for this 2 day event, Sat. July 5 & Sunday July 6, 2014 (12-2:30pm).

The workshop price is $110 for both days (contact Trish if you can only make one day).

Register online, by phone (613-798-8950 ext. 0) or in person, course code 91813.

Ninja Hoops Workshop: Yin & Yang

Join Ninja Hoops for an inspiring hoop workshop where they take you on a journey into the methods and styles of their own practice. Exploring space, time, and balance in all things, this two part workshop will reveal to you some secrets of the Ninja’s training, and expand your hoop capabilities into new realms. This workshop will be a benefit to any hooper who wants to diversify their technique, widen their practice, and balance their flow.

Yang - In the first part of this workshop, we’ll explore the creative benefits of a structured practice. Using games, exercises, and movement concepts, we’ll focus on a variety of hooping styles, and learn how an analytical mind can reveal previously unknown possibilities for self-expression. We’ll also bring our attention to our lower body, and learn how balanced footwork and dependable turning methods can increase our creative capacity. In this workshop, we’ll also be learning new varieties of wheels, weaves, pathways, and folds.

Yin - In the second part of this workshop, we’ll open our practice up into a more flowing style. We’ll play with the joys of letting go, and leaving space in our training for epiphanies; moments of true skill and clarity. We’ll focus on relaxing into our practice, and allowing mistakes to happen without discouragement, as we hoop in the spaces above, beyond, and outside of our immediate control. We’ll look at techniques that involve balancing, tossing, and rolling, and learn how to integrate them with the styles of our Yang, to give us our most complete and unhindered expression.

No refunds available. But you may sell your ticket by contacting us and giving us a name to transfer the ticket to.

Ninja Hoops is a Bay Area (San Francisco, CA) based hooping duo. They perform and teach workshops to all ages. They incorporate elements of martial arts, classical acrobatics, and silly clowns into their hooping.

Note from Trish: I've had the pleasure of taking workshops from Marria and Zach over the years at Hoop Convergence and Return to Roots Hoop Gathering, and they are amazing. Their content is innovative and creative, they are wonderful teachers and their workshop delivery is as smooth and polished as their hoop flow. I'm so excited that they are able to visit Ottawa and I would strongly encourage hoopers in Ottawa and the surrounding areas to experience their Ninja energy. 



Last indoor jam till September: Fri. Jun. 27, 7-8:30pm

Come spin indoors one more time until indoor jams start up again in September. Hoops are provided for use. All are welcome.

Fall hoop classes at Dovercourt are open for registration Tue. June 24.Register in person, by phone (613-798-8950 ext. 0), or online at

  • Sunday All Levels, Trish: 11:15am, Assembly Hall at Dovercourt, 93237, Sep 7-Dec. 21
  • Monday All Levels, Trish: 12pm, McKellar Park Field House (539 Wavell Ave), 93238, Sep. 8 - Dec. 22

Don't forget about the upcoming workshop weekend with Ninja Hoops, Sat & Sun July 5 & 6 at Dovercourt. 91813. Email Trish to inquire about single day registration (

Save the dates for Emma Kenna's workshops in September: Sep. 26-28. Details coming soon.

Circus jams (including hoops) every Tuesday night this summer at City Hall, beginning July 8, 7-8:30pm.


Hoop jam Fri. Jun. 14, 7-8:30pm

Second last indoor hoop jam of the season (till we come inside again in September). Come in to enjoy the floor, mirrors & music. Assembly Hall, Dovercourt Recreation Centre.


Ninjas in Memphis…coming soon to Ottawa :-)

Zach & Marria made an appearance on morning TV in Memphis to promote their workshop. Check out their smooth moves and dynamic style, and be sure to register for their workshops July 5 & 6 at Dovercourt (read below for details). The early bird price ends today, and will go up to $110.


Hoop Choreography & Creative Process workshop, Sun. June 1, 1-4pm


Interested in choreography with the hoop, or have a hankering to perform? Kelli Hanrahan and Marianne Trenka from Montreal bring their hoop performance experience to Ottawa in this upbeat workshop:

"In this workshop, we will use creative process to develop hoopdance choreography. We will teach transitional moves, dancing in duos and trios, music selection and counting to the beat, as well as theatrical expression and performance presence. We will play and improvise within the hoop, and share our performance tips and tricks to make your act a crowd-pleaser!

Suitable for intermediate-level hoopdancers who are interested in performing, performers who are looking to develop their technique, or hoopers who simply wish to delve into creative process in the hoop."

Sun. June 1, 1-4pm, at Dovercourt Recreation Centre, 411 Dovercourt Ave., Assembly Hall (upstairs). $55.

Registration is via Dovercourt Recreation Centre, in person, by phone (613-798-8950 ext. 0) or online, course code 93188

Some other notes about the workshop from Kelli & Marianne:

- Creative process and play: development of choreography through experimentation and improvisation
- Sequencing and chaining-together of moves
- Selecting music, working with rhythm and counting to the beat
- Spacing, lines, and aesthetic in choreography
- Adapting choreography for duo, trio, or group
- Performance presence and preparation for the stage
- Crowd-pleasers, popular tricks, and developing a performance repertoire


Kelli & Marianne form the dynamic duo, Hulalà. Together they have 13+ years experience teaching dance, circus arts, yoga and fitness. They have performed and instructed for the In:Flow Festival, Montreal International Jazz Festival, and Montreal Complètement Cirque, with upcoming shows in Cirqua Zerna, the Montreal Fringe Festival and Rendez-Vous Hoop Paris!


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