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Get a Hoop!

Buy a hoop for fitness, dance or fun!

Sirenhoops make hand-crafted hoops that are perfectly balanced, functional and beautiful. Scroll down to see details for Viva ($55), Sassy ($50) & Spunky ($45) hoops. 


Please email to order. There are many things to consider when choosing a hoop (hooper's height, hooping experience, etc), and I want to be sure your hoop is the best fit for you. This is easier done by having a conversation than filling in a form. :-)

Size & Weight

Bigger is easier: For adults who are new to hooping, we suggest our standard 42" diameter hoop (approx. 1.7lbs). The hoop should measure from the ground to between the hip and the sternum area. For individuals who are shorter or taller than average, we can adjust the hoop size to fit. We don't believe in filling hoops with water or sand, as they create an uneven rotation.

The size and weight make them easier to keep in motion than the small, plastic hoops found in many department stores. At the other end of the spectrum are excessively heavy hoops sometimes sold by fitness supply stores as "fitness" hoops that weight upwards of 3 lbs; these will lead to bruising and discomfort.

Tape styles

Functional & pretty: Grip tape gives our hoops better 'stick' to your body than slippery plastic, while metallic tapes add zing!

Sirenhoops come in 3 basic tape styles and price points: Viva style, Sassy style and Spunky style.  Get inspired by the samples displayed on the Gallery page. Please note, colours are dependent on availability of tapes; certain combinations are not always possible.

Viva Hoop - $55
2 glitter tapes + grip. Maximum bling for your belly. Who says you can't have it all?

Viva hoop in blue & green

Sassy Hoop - $50
1 glitter + grip: A little sparkle to light up your life. Sassy is our most popular hoop.

Ottawa Super blogger Andrea Tomkins ( coveted a pink & gold Sassy hoop for Mother's Day (See Ottawa Magazine Spring 2010)!

Sassy hoop in silver, blue & pink

Spunky Hoop - $45
Durable grip tape and vinyl for accent. Basic is beautiful

Spunky hoop in pink, red and blue

Other options

Childrens, minis (a pair of hoops, 20" diameter), twins, multiples, performance, polypro and collapsible hoops (helix "twisty" style: add $10) are also available. Please inquire for pricing.

Download our Hoop info sheet (pdf)

Twins, including minis & "semis"Twin hoops made with 1/2" tubing are available for poi-style hooping in a variety of sizes (shown here: 38", 20" & 28" in diameter).

  • 34" twins taped in a spiral pattern with one metallic & one grip: $50.
  • "Performance-style" taping is also available (all metallic tape, lined with 1/2" grip inside), as well as polypro tubing. Please inquire for pricing.

 Performance-style taping: metallic, with an inside-edge lining of grip tape